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Things to know before going to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for its strict rules and regulations. Until now, it has been a country with many restrictions. But now, it is turning into a major travel destination and many tourists from other countries visit this country. Many people even visit this country for business purposes and work.

Although this country has many restrictions, it has many interesting tourist places to visit. In this blog, we will discuss the different places of attractions to visit in Saudi Arabia during summer and winter.

Beautiful places to see in Saudi Arabia during summer

Summer is one of the best times in Saudi Arabia. It is time to enjoy the hot waves of the desert with camping and other activities. Let us have a look at some of the most beautiful places to see in Saudi Arabia during the summer season:

1. Umluj

Umluj has some of the most attractive sea beaches for tourists. You will find many palm trees and sand beaches here. Apart from that, you can also watch many rare bird species that come to Umluj during summer. It has many interesting things to try such as scuba diving, seafood, and so on.

2. Jeddah

Located in the coastal area of the Red Sea, Jeddah is an elegant city in Saudi Arabia with many historic spots. It has many reefs and beaches for tourists. Besides, the place also flaunts gardens, parks, aquariums, resorts, restaurants, and fountains. Some of the top activities to do in Jeddah include jet-skiing, scuba diving, and sightseeing.

3. Taif

Taif is the most famous spot visited by many tourists during summertime. Al Hada offers nice views of nature. It is also a good spot for camping and many people come here by road. You can take an International driving permit and ride a car to reach this beautiful spot in the country. It also has the longest cable car for tourists.

4. Dammam

Dammam is another charming place to visit in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the best entertainment spots in the country with lakes, islands, and green spaces. You can take a walk in the amazing green gardens of Dammam. This place also organizes dolphin shows and water sports. It also has lovely weather during summertime to enjoy different water sports and other activities.

Things one must try in winter in Saudi Arabia

Just like hot summers, Saudi Arabia experiences harsh and chilly winters. You will see every place covered by snow during winter. You can try several things in winter in Saudi Arabia such as:

· Visit desert lakes

Desert Lake is encircled by vast desert giving a mesmerizing look to the region. These lakes have rich green vegetation and red dunes. Dunes shining in mild sunlight offer a graceful look to your eyes.

· Other activities to try in desert

When you are going to Saudi Arabia, do not miss the fun of desert activities. Dune Bashing is an amazing adventure to try during winter in this country. A vehicle moving up and down constantly gives a thrilling experience. You must tie a buckle tightly to avoid falls or injuries. You will enjoy a thrilling ride in the desert in vehicles.

Do you want to get lost in Arabian night tales? Then you must try to sleep on the dunes in an open space. It feels like a fairy tale to sleep under the shining stars and experience the cool breeze of the desert. You must also carry a warm blanket as winters in the desert are very harsh.

Sandboarding and sand sledding are some other cool activities to do in the desert. You can also try hiking in golden dunes with quad biking.

Things to know before traveling to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is home to a wide variety of changes occurring, including sand dunes, stunning beaches, mountains, and coral reefs. The country is enormous and has much more to offer than just camels, dunes, oil, and Bedouins. This gorgeous nation, which is home to several tourist sites, is a traveler's paradise. However, there are a few considerations you should make before travelling there, such as:

● It is important to do your study before visiting Saudi Arabia's top tourist destinations.

● You should drink a lot of water in Saudi Arabia and keep a bottle with you at all times.

● You can choose a tour guide to explore some of the best tourist destinations with their histories.

● Choose a reputed hotel in Saudi Arabia if you are a first-time tourist. Find hotels that meet your needs and offer all the current conveniences.

● If you plan to drive across Saudi Arabia, keep in mind that you must have an international driver's licence which you can get from ITCA Website.

● Don't forget to pack a High quality camera along with Ample backup batteries to record all the wonderful moments you will have in Saudi Arabia.

Driving in Saudi Arabia

If you plan to drive across Saudi Arabia, keep in mind that you must have an international driver's licence. You'll be able to drive to your preferred destinations as a result.

It is always a good idea to rent a car when travelling or when travelling as a foreign visitor, even if almost all of these tourist destinations are accessible via taxi services. This lets you go at your own pace, stopping anytime you want to, even for something as simple as snapping a quick photo to save the moment, all without the driver constantly yelling at you to hurry up or acting furious whenever you want to stop.

Getting an international drivers licence, however, prevents any inconveniences from ruining your memorable trip and is a straightforward solution to this tiny problem that could otherwise ruin your vacation in Saudi Arabia. With the help of ITCA, you may apply for an international driver's licence and obtain your international driver permit in just a few easy clicks and actions. You are free to visit these tourist attractions whenever and wherever you choose once you have your international driving permit in hand.

You can learn how to obtain an international driving permit for Saudi Arabia and take pleasure in driving in your preferred Saudi Arabian destinations. The ITCA website should be visited as the initial step in the application process for an international driving licence. You must next submit in all of your necessary paperwork, including your ID and other papers. To obtain an international driving licence, you must submit all the required paperwork and documentation along with a minor application fee, which can be paid online at the ITCA website.

Do Remember

Saudi Arabia is one of the most advanced countries with modern infrastructure. It has wide roads to ride a car. You must obtain an IDP to drive a car or bike in this country. If you want to explore more places in Saudi Arabia, it is better to hire a Saudi Arabia travel guide.

A tourist guide will help you in reaching the right place. Apart from that, you must also carry all the necessary documents such as a visa and passport while traveling to Saudi Arabia. You must also follow some rules while going to this country.

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