Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a comprehensive list of specific questions raised by our applicants.  We do our best to update this list often, so you have the most up-to-date information. We are hoping that the answers will also be useful when considering our services.

ITCA Frequently asked questions

I have a National Driving License ( Indian, Malysian, American ....), Am I entitled to apply for Internationmal driving Lisence?

Once you have a valid National Driving Lisence, you are 18 years or over, then you are Intitled to apply for the International driving license. Please click on APPLY, fill the application and please choose your delivery suitable days for your travelling plan very well.

In what contries can I use ITCA and is it valid all around the world?

ITCA IDD has been accepted and is recognized at the Global level as an international driving document along with your valid driver's license in most countries all over the world. It is valid in all countries that have signed the UN Convention of 1968 on Road Traffic regulations. Note: Japan, South Korea and Greece didn't sign the last Un Convention 1968, they are accepting only the old one of 1949. You may refer to the countries list where applicants used ITCA IDD with no issues.

What I need to present to the renatal car Co. & to the authorits ?

You must always have and show both: 1-Your national driving license. 2-ITCA International driving document. Based on the UN Convention of 1968, you must always have both of them together. ITCA alraedy connecting both of them by the Natonal driving number and by the QR code on the ID card as well.

What is the International Driving Document?

The International Driver's Document (The “IDD,” also and mistakenly referred to as International Driver’s License (The “IDL”)) is an International translation version of your valid native driver’s license. The International Driver’s Document provided by ITCA comes as a package that includes: the standard booklet which is designed in full accordance to the UN Convention 1968 & a single double-sided plastic ID card (about the size of a credit card) that includes your demographic information as stated on your native driver’s license.

Can I rent, drive and how long may I use International Driver's Document that ITCA provide?

Sure, Sir/Madam You can rent a car in most countries, however, always check with the country you are traveling to prior to your departure as rules and regulations vary from country to country. Like, some countries allows you to drive for 6 months from your new entry date and some of them allows 1 year... To operate a vehicle in a foreign country, you need to have both your native driver’s license that is currently valid and is not suspended and/or revoked and the International Driving document.

Is this Document or ID a valid form of identification or replaces my state-issued driver's lisence?

The International Driver's Document is a non-government document and it does not substitute your state-issued driver's license or photo ID. The International Driver's Permit translation is a supplementary document to your valid national driver's license.

What shall I do if the shipment was delayed?

ITCA ships the IDP from the nearest hub to your location ensuring that delays will not occur. However; in case of any delay, you can contact the courier directly providing the tracking code that was sent to you via email. if you don't have the assistance as should be, please contact our help desk and add your tracking code in order to follow up with UPS and back to you. However; if you have opted for the free international shipping option to Europe only, no tracking code will be provided. In this case, you only can folllw and check out with your nearest post mail office or the central one who is responsible with the normal standard post mail.

How may I know if I need one?

Once you are planing to drive abroad, then, you need an International Driving License. Please consult the authorities of the country where you are planing to go to, and confirm that they will accept this translation document which is designed in full accordance to the UN Conventiona 1968 of the roads traffic regulations, prior to purchasing.

What is the validity of the International Driving Lisence?

One, two or three years only. Based on the UN Convention of 1968 of the road traffic regulations, the validity of the IDD must not be more than three years. You may also need to know that it is valid for you to drive abroad for 6 months or 1 year from the new entry based on every contry traffic rules and regulations.

How long does it take to receive ITCA IDD?

With ITCA you are the one who choose the delivery method. We have four options by UPS Air cargo: 1- Priority shipping 8-10 days 35 Euro 2- Priority shipping 8-10 days 25 Euro 3- Express shipping 5-7 days 50 Euro {All guaranteed with UPS tracking code} 4- Free sending normal standard mail ( Postal mail) to Europe & UK only, not guaranteed to be delivered.

What about the authontisity?

ITCA provides the most trustable, experienced and acceptable International Driving Document, as the best translation according to the only authenticity of the UN Convention 1968 on the road traffic regulations which was signed in Vienna. There are some other private companies printing and shipping a translation of your National/Domestic driving licence, but. ITCA abides by/and applies the roles and regulations of the UN Convention 1968 which consolidated one design at the global level in order to facilitate and break the languages barriers for the hiring vehicles companies and the authorities all around the world. ITCA International Driving Document is valid in all countries that have signed the UN Conventions on Road Traffic and is recognized in many countries that are not signatories to the Convention. You may be required to have an international driver's license to drive in some countries. Most foreign car rental agencies may require you to have one to rent a car. However; ITCA International Driving Document is a ID card and booklet that connected to and provide a translation of your driver's license into 11 languages in full accordance with the UN Convention that are meant to help you surpass the languages barriers. It is your responsibility to check with your destination country relevant authorities on what documents are needed to drive. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0050-international-drivers-license-scams

What if I need it urgently?

ITCA starts issuing the electronic endorsed International Driving Document which you can print it your self. So, we email it to you and you print it It is exactly the same one we are shipping to your location.
We just need to review the eligibility of your driving licence and will have it in your hand. SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION IN 1 MINUTE and GET IT IN 12 HOURS