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ITCA is an international non-government association established to contribute into a comprehensive global standardization of the traffic regulations and policies. The road traffic roles and regulations vary from country to a country subject to the national laws. The need for global standardization arises from the fact that the number of people who are driving outside their home countries has been on a great increase. ITCA works with relevant authorities and partner with private-sector companies in order to ensure collaborative efforts are being taken.


This website in indicated for the ITCA International Driving Document which is valid in all countries that have signed the UN Conventions on Road Traffic and is recognized in many countries that are not signatories to the Convention. You may be required to have an international driver's license to drive in some countries. Most foreign car rental agencies may require you to have one to rent a car. However; ITCA International Driving Document is a magnetic card and booklet that connected to and provide an unofficial translation of your driver's license into 15 languages in full accordance with the UN Convention that are meant to help you surpass the languages barriers. It is your responsibility to check with your destination country relevant authorities on what documents are needed to drive.

When you are on a trip abroad, you would most likely prefer to self-drive the road journey over opting the conventional and traditional tour buses and public transportation. Unfortunately, your home country license is valid only within the boundaries of your nation. To drive outside the country and delight on the roads of new country's flavours and sights, it is essentially required for you to hold an International Driving License or permit. So, just like you need a valid Indian Driver's License in India, you would need an International Driving License Document to drive in a foreign country legally. An International Driving License is an authorized document by the United Nations, which allows the tourists the freedom to drive the vehicle on the roads of a foreign land. 


The international driving license or permit is a legal document that recognizes motorists as valid licensed drivers in the country they have travelled to. Therefore, this is an extremely valuable and prestigious document since it authorizes motorists to drive in a foreign country. 

With reputable goodwill of over a decade in the International Driving License domain, International Traffic Control Association (ITCA) verifies that our indicated website on the IDP document is officially authentic and protects you from all the risk of malpractices such as phishing, spoofing, and identity theft. The ITCA International Driving Document is valid in all the countries that have authorized the UN Convention on Road Traffic. Despite not being signatories to the UN Convention on road traffic, many countries recognize and consider the license acceptable in their geographical boundaries for tourists to ride on their land. The ITCA's international driving license document is an official translation of your government-issued driver's license issued in your home country stating that you possess a valid driver's license. 


Besides certifying you to drive a vehicle in a foreign country and verifying your driving capability, the IDP also proves to be beneficial if your original driver's license is not in the language spoken in the country you're travelling to. This is because the document allows the authorities in those countries to verify your credentials. To ensure that, we translate your license documents into 15 main languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese ,Spanish, and others; all are in full accordance with the UN Convention Agreements of Vienna and Austria, which was concluded in Geneva, on 1 May 1971.The Conventions were prepared and opened for signature by the United Nations Conference on Road Traffic, at Geneva from 23 August to 19 September 1949 and at Vienna from 7 October to 8 November 1968. Both the Conventions stated that the IDP must be a printed hardcopy booklet with either an English or French cover which should be duly stamped by the issuing authority to be approved that it is a valid translation of his domestic Driving License. 


This is meant to help you surpass the languages barriers and enable the foreign authorities abroad to verify and understand your driving credentials. This is necessarily essential to avoid any kind of mishappening since it will prove your driving credentials and legally permit your wish to experience a drive on other countries' roads. 

At International Traffic Control Association, we also ensure that it is a secure site with a safe experience and caution you not to fall prey to any other fake counterfeit websites that display an authentic-looking page but provide no contact information. We request you to stay vigilant and get started with your enriching adventure of driving in a foreign land with us. 


ITCA international driving document is a plastic card supported with barcodes and a booklet that translates your government-issued driver’s license into 15 main languages. Although your driver’s license lets you drive in many foreign countries, the translations in the IDP are intended to minimize language barriers when you drive in countries where your driver's license language is not widely spoken or understood. That’s all an IDP does. It’s not a substitute for a valid, government-issued license. It can’t be used in place of a suspended or revoked license or as a government-issued identification card. And it won’t protect you from traffic tickets or “points.”


ITCA international driving document is a mere translation document of your national driving license. This must be differentiated from the government-issued international driving license or international driving permit. All ITCA IDP does helping holders break languages barriers when driving abroad. If you are looking to apply for an international driving license, please refer to your governmental institutes or the authorities which issued your driver license. 


We are conducting printing and shipping by three companies:

. Mr Bilal Mask in UK,

. Moayed AL HAFEZ LTD. Co. in Turkey.

. Gaurang Thakkar Co. in Malaysia. 

. Reliance Borneo Global SND BHD. CO. in India.

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The Design of ITCA IDP is in full accordance with the UN Convention of 1968 or 1949.

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ITCA IDP is a 16-page booklet that translates your national driver's license into 11 main languages including French, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and many more


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ITCA start issuing the electronic endorsed International Driving Permit which you can print it your self.

1- ITCA Association provides full worldwide endorsement International driving document for urgent situations only in12 hours. So, you can Print it your self:
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