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Things To Know Before Going To FIFA World Cup 2022

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

One of the most eagerly anticipated athletic events is the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in the Arab nation of Qatar, which will spend more money hosting the tournament than any previous FIFA World Cup.

From November 21 to December 18, it will take place at eight of his cutting-edge venues around the nation. The names of these stadiums are Lusail, Al Bayt, Al Rayyan, Al Thumama, Al Wakrah, Khalifa International, Education City, and Ras Abu Aboud.

For at least a month before the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Doha's Hamad International Airport will experience a continual flood of travellers from all over the world, with more than 1,300 flights per day.

Attendees may have serious worries regarding visas, transport, lodging, COVID-19 limitations, and general planning for this sports-related trip because this is one of the largest post-pandemic events. All your concerns may exist. and we've got your back.

Before flying to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, review the rules.

Documents needed:

The Haya card and visa are two of the most crucial papers you'll require. The Haya Card, which you must carry along with your game ticket, functions as both your fan ID and your pass to the game. Both foreign and domestic visitors must have this card. For the FIFA World Cup 2022, when entering the nation, one must carry the Hayacard along with them. The benefit of Hayacard is that you can visit places and travel without worrying on the day of the game.

Also, Indian nationals can apply for visas upon arrival. After being approved, this visa is good for one month; however, it can be renewed for an additional month. Entry into the country for spectating and taking part as a visitor in the tournament requires proof of health insurance.

It is important to have an international driving licence if you want to drive your own car or a rented car around Qatar. You can apply for an international driving licence directly from the E-ITCA website.

What is the Hayya Card?

To take part in this FIFA World Cup event, any foreigners contemplating trips to Qatar must first be aware of the entrance criteria.

The Hayya card is a requirement for entry into Qatar starting on November 1st, according to Qatari authorities, for any foreign officials travelling there for the FIFA World Cup. After the Hayya app has given its clearance, venues are immediately accessible. Holders of a residency visa for Qatar are exempt from this requirement.

It's not clear, though, if visitors with a Qatar Temporary Work Visa are obliged to possess a Hayya Card.

Everyone attending a game in Qatar must have a Hayya Card, commonly known as a fan ID, which is a document given by the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. It was made clear that in order to access the stadium, visitors needed both a Hayya card and a match ticket.

Travelers from foreign nations entering Qatar use the Hayya Card as their entrance permit. The conditions of their visa category, however, determine who is qualified to enter this nation before November 1st. To enter the stadium, though, you need a Hayya card.

How to go to the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Several reports claim that flyDubai will run a total of 30 round-trip flights every day between Dubai and Doha. In addition to the three daily services, Air Arabia will also run its 14 daily flights between Sharjah and Doha at the same time.

The FIFA location of Qatar is one of the easiest to get to from India because of Qatar Airways' extensive daily schedule from Delhi and Mumbai. Visitors may also take advantage of World Cup packages to make all of their plans at once and save money.

This package includes pre-booked fixed stadium seats for a hassle-free journey, round-trip transportation from Doha to India, hotel accommodations with food options, and hotel reservations.

You can choose to purchase your ticket with Qatar Airways or choose more affordable tickets from other carriers, including Etihad Airways, if you don't mind spending more than three hours in Abu Dhabi.

Entering Qatar by road

To enter Qatar, one must pass through two borders.

UAE to Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia to Qatar.

Some sites claim that driving regulations for Qatar have changed. Therefore, it is strongly advised for anybody entering the nation by car to leave their vehicle parked on the Saudi side of the Abu Samra border and take a bus to Doha.

Is travelling to Qatar for the World Cup safe for LGBTQ+ supporters?

All forms of same-sex union, including domestic partnerships and same-sex marriage, are prohibited in Qatar, where the 2004 Penal Code criminalises both sexes.

Islam is the official religion of Qatar, and Islamic law serves as the country's main legislative framework. According to the UK-based Human Dignity Trust, in addition to its penal code, Qatar has a version of Sharia law that makes sex between men and women illegal and allows for the death penalty.

People in the LGBTQ+ community are unsure if it is safe to come to Qatar to watch the World Cup due to the country's policies. According to a recent piece from The Guardian, Qatari officials have not provided LGBTQ+ football supporters with any assurances regarding their safety when attending matches.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani recently stated, however, in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly, that the nation will open its doors to all fans, without discrimination, so that they may take in the fantastic atmosphere of FIFA World Cup football matches and competitions.

In an effort to ease concerns raised by LGBTQ+ campaigners, he stressed that all fans in that group will be welcomed to this year's World Cup in safety and without prejudice.

Does Qatar have a dress code for visitors from other countries?

International visitors should be aware of the dress code accepted in this Arabian region in addition to the admission criteria.

Despite the fact that Qatar is popular with tourists from abroad and is well-known for its attractions, culture, and cuisine, there are various guidelines that international tourists should follow while adhering to local laws, depending on the religion of the host nation.

It has been established that visitors must adhere to a dress code when out in public. You run the risk of paying a fee if you don't comply.

Although traditional Qatari attire is not essential, both men and women should dress modestly. Shoulders should be covered by women.

Leggings and torn jeans are also not permitted, although bikinis are only permitted in hotel pools and on beaches that are not family-friendly.

Shorts must be worn below the knee, men's shirts cannot include objectionable text or imagery, and tank tops are prohibited.

Can one consume alcohol while watching the FIFA World Cup in Qatar?

Both grocery shops and practically all restaurants forbid the sale of alcohol. Alcohol use is also prohibited in public locations.

Travelers' worries about being able to consume alcohol while visiting Qatar have been stoked by these regulations, but Qatar's government is striving to make them easier for visitors from other nations.

It was also underlined that alcohol cannot be consumed inside the stadium by spectators. The Qatari government announced earlier this month that alcohol will be made available at selected places during FIFA competitions in Qatar.

Where to Stay the Night in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup ?

There are hotel packages for every requirement, so visitors don't have to worry about lodging. One of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world, Qatar offers a variety of alternatives for football lovers, including luxurious lodging and low-cost hotel accommodations.

Enjoy opulent spa services, exclusive beaches, and a choice of dining options at Doha's many opulent hotels, including The Ritz-Carlton Sharq Village and Four Seasons. At these hotels, take pleasure in the greatest elegance and authentic Arabian hospitality.

Other reasonably priced lodging options include the Four Points by Sheraton, Centro Capital Doha, and Curve Hotel. While visiting Doha, you may stay anywhere and see your preferred team play.

The closest and best feature of these hotels is that they are close to all eight stadiums.

How to Get Around Qatar and Travel There?

For all travellers, there is fantastic news. This is due to the fact that Doha is among the richest nations in the world, and despite the fact that its residents are used to driving upscale private vehicles, the city has well-connected, affordable, and accessible public transportation, which won’t be a big worry and will be relieving to so many to get around the places.

Reusable travel cards that provide entry from Hamad International Airport to all major stadiums can be purchased for about 10 rials. You can always choose the tram if a certain route makes the metro unworkable. Fares for the metro and tram begin at about 2 Qatari Riyals.

Additionally, if you're a fitness freak, then it includes a functional bike path. If the weather is nice, you can cycle around Qatar and take in its distinctive, modern cityscape with its lovely, green, tree-lined streets. Do remember that Qatar is a relatively hot country. For pursuing this sport, bicycles may be rented for a modest price.

What to see while visiting Qatar?

The more than 560 kilometres of coastline in Qatar will satisfy the needs of sun, surf, and sand enthusiasts. Visitors have a variety of options for entertainment, including camel rides, desert safaris, kite surfing, and more, in addition to relaxing on one of the many public or private beaches. The endangered hawksbill turtle breeds at Huayrit Beach, which is a small slice of heaven for nature enthusiasts. Visit Khor al-Adid in southeast Qatar or the Seto Inland Sea, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, if you enjoy fishing.

The Pritzker Prize-winning French architect IM Pei's Museum of Islamic Art, which combines Arabic art with French sensibilities, will astonish art enthusiasts.

You can also shop around at exotic marketplaces named Souq Waqif for fragrant spices and other genuine Middle Eastern foods.

What are the restaurants in Qatar?

Whether it's traditional Qatari fare like shawarma, machboos, luqaimat, ghuzi, or thareed, or international food like American sandwiches or cheeseburgers, or even if you prefer to try South Indian food, Qatar doesn't fall short when it comes to selections that will please the heart as well as the palate and make you happy within.

Visit Katara Cultural Village to sample some genuine Qatari food. Also include Shay Al Shomous in the list. It's also a terrific idea to visit Biryani Corner and Marmara Istanbul Restaurant, which both provide some of the greatest biryani.

For quick lunches, Petra Restaurant is excellent. In addition, if you desire Turkish coffee and a small snack, we suggest Chai Halib. South Indian cuisine is readily available at Bharat Vasanta Bhawan for vegetarians and food enthusiasts.

What are the pandemic limitations you must know when travelling to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup?

All travellers must show proof of a successful RT-PCR test that was completed within 48 hours of their arrival in Doha. For all adults, a copy of the immunisation record is also necessary. The only requirement for children under the age of 12 is a quick antigen test at a certified facility within one day of arrival.

Currently, overseas travellers do not need to be quarantined, but we advise you to consult the Ministry of Health's official website to learn more about the situation.

Before leaving, please be sure to register here at the website address.

How to get your Fifa World Cup Tickets?

On a First-come, first-served basis, access to FIFA World Cup tickets is given which is the usual norm. Tickets for the second season are no longer on sale, according to the official website. Don't feel disappointed, though, since this tournament's final last-minute purchases have already begun. For information, kindly visit the official website.

Schedule of games

On November 21, in the late afternoon, Senegal and the Netherlands (Group A) will play in the tournament's opening encounter at Al Thumama Stadium. Other games involving host nations Qatar and Ecuador (Group A), England and Iran (Group B), and the USA and Wales, Scotland, and Ukraine (Group B) will take place in other stadiums.

The ancient Lusail Stadium will host the World Cup final on December 18, marking the end of one of the shortest FIFA World Cups in history.

Find the whole schedule on the official website, then make travel arrangements.

Checklist for FIFA world cup 2022

It is now the football season. It's time to get ready for our first international trip of the year. what we had been counting down to covertly for months. The World Cup final is finally underway, but it's hardly silent.

Don't get me wrong; we're still excited about Burning Man and our trip to Greece, but this is the year's major event. Only occurring once every four years, the World Cup is undoubtedly an experience for which no one is fully prepared. Anything might happen if you threw together the most random group of people you could for this trip.

Both a dream come true and a nightmare might result from traveling to the World Cup. The right gear will make this trip successful because the lines might become fairly lengthy along the way.

What to pack for the FIFA world cup?

We have learned from various blogs and authors a few things from attending World Cups all across the world that might help you have a better time if you plan beforehand. Check out our list of Qatar World Cup package recommendations, which we are constantly updating based on our own notes.

It includes picking the right gear, where a choice has to be made about the bag. The items you can carry with you on the last day of your World Cup journey are listed below.

Staying connected and having fun.

Have you considered how you'll navigate the city throughout the World Cup, day and night? What are your plans for remaining connected when spending 16 hours each day in long planes, trains, and cars?

For the week of nonstop content consumption, travelling and stay, you don't want to be disconnected.

For the final FIFA World Cup competitions, you pack your suitcase with these things:

International Driving Permit (IDP)

To rent a car on foreign soil like Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, your home country's license might not be enough. This is where your International Driving License (IDL) comes into the picture as a supporting document. To get your IDL, you can apply online at the ITCA website. You will have two options to submit your application:

● Regular Hard Copy Application: Apply and ship your IDP to your destination address.

● Printable Softcopy Application: Print your IDP yourself and save on shipping fees.

battery booster

This is highly required, and in FIFA, each player can enter the stadium individually. We suggest you really bring two of these battery boosters, with the one remaining in the room serving as your own insurance. While you're taking pictures, you don't want your phone to run out of battery.

additional phone charger

You may certainly purchase it right away, but do you really want to spend time with it?

Many of us who commute or travel frequently will attest that having an extra charger in your bag may literally save your life. I occasionally played games when the extender's battery ran out and it was possible to plug it in.

worldwide plug adapter

That is also necessary. However, you may always buy it on the spot. Who wants it, though?

Headphones like AirPods Max

Have you ever circled the globe singing your favorite songs and chants with a bunch of admirers from all around the world? Noise-canceling Apple AirPods Max headphones are an exceptionally great value and a must-have for any trip.

travel-centric things.

Here are a few things to help you interact with fans across the world as you explore new territories.


Sunglasses may be necessary for spectators to view games at festivals and perhaps stadiums in Qatar in 2022, depending on the pattern of the sunset, which is possibly unknown in many stadiums. The right sunglasses brand with accessibility, efficiency, and most importantly, fun colours that go well with the kit, is recommended.


Reading a few good novels on your lengthy trip is the best way to get ready for World Cup joy. There could be other things like travelling on your own with the help of an international driving license (IDP) that are better options, but these are just to name a few.

iPad from Apple

Get an iPad if you don't already have one and don't want to lug a book around in your cup.

You can also download your iBook library directly from the Apple App Store if you have an extended stay, are in transit, etc., or if you prefer, you can also sign up for the 30-day free Kindle Unlimited subscription on your iPad to spend time reading books simultaneously.

A day's worth of backpack

Before bringing any form of item into a stadium, make sure you read the Stadium Code of Conduct. Having said that, each stadium will allegedly have a supplier for checking in electronics, but is it really necessary? When we had to leave our bags with guests at the gates due to excessive rains and floods, at least one real provider was higher than that point, which of course resulted in a misplaced umbrella that needed to be replaced. In any case, you may want to go back to your packs. We prefer for you to choose the right daypacks and pay the standard price to lug priceless goods for about sixteen hours every day of your final World Cup journey while you are in Qatar.

To be clear, we are not supporting them or guaranteeing entry into a stadium. We often don't bring bags to concerts in order to avoid the hassle. The important thing is to find something small, strong, and useful as a bag with you!


Listen, have you ever questioned if your luggage was placed on the proper carousel after it deplaned or if it would still be there when you checked it into your hotel?

How about a creative tale? Your passport could have been misplaced. It was gone from your pocket before you even realized it.

Fortunately, since you were in a tiny town, someone did locate you. However, such concerns and worries are no longer a concern, and you can now use Apple AirTags to calm your nerves.

AirTags can ease your anxiety no matter what you carry on to help you find the lost items on your World Cup journey.


We sincerely hope that this comprehensive list of everything you should pack will be helpful, right from carrying your own IDP for driving your own car in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup to carrying sunglasses and the right backpack with you, and you'd be astonished at how much it all fits. We're not sure if it's due to your excellent packing techniques or because there is space for a sizable backpack.

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