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Things To Do Before Going Abroad For Studies

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Studying abroad is like a dream come true for numerous students these days. Nowadays, it is a trend found in the young generation to study in countries such as the USA, Canada, and Australia. Many students wait for this golden moment and work hard for years to get a successful career abroad.

While there is excitement among students to study abroad, they also feel nervous at the same time. You have to keep certain things in mind before going abroad for your studies. In this blog, we will discuss all the important things to follow before going abroad for studies.

Important things to do before going abroad for studies

When you have decided to study abroad, it is necessary to prepare yourself for a change. Let us discuss the important things to do before going abroad for studies:

1. Get a passport and Visa

The first thing to do before going abroad is to apply for a passport and visa. It is necessary to take a valid passport to travel to another country. If you already have a passport, check the date of expiry. If the passport is expired, you must apply for its renewal. If you travel abroad frequently, it is necessary to keep blank pages in your passport.

If you do not have a passport, get a new one in a few months. You can make an application for a new passport at the post office or federal court or a passport agency. It is important to submit some documents while applying for a new passport such as birth certificate, passport-sized photographs, and a minor payment for passport. Additionally, you must get a Visa to travel abroad for studies. You can visit the embassy to complete your visa requirements.

2. Check your flight details

As you are going abroad, it is necessary to check the flight details properly. You can double-check all the information given on the flight ticket. If there are any changes, you can apply for changes to airport authorities. It is also important to keep a backup plan in case of flight delay due to weather conditions.

3. Get a routine health checkup

Before you go abroad for your studies, it is important to get a complete health checkup. You can fix an appointment with your family doctor to get a full body checkup. Apart from that, you have to also carry a copy of your health records abroad while going for studies. You must also fulfill the country’s immunization requirements.

Many health programs suggest vaccines that you must take before going abroad. Moreover, you must take the latest information on the diseases before going abroad for studies.

4. Inform your bank

One of the most vital things to do before going abroad is to inform your bank. If you want to use your debit or credit cards abroad, talk to your bank. Some banks have their branches in various countries of the world. But the small banks only work regionally. So, if you have your bank account in a small bank, make a proper plan for closing your bank account or opening an account in a large bank.

5. Prepare a proper itinerary

Before you go abroad for your studies, it is necessary to plan a proper itinerary. You can get a road map and other documents necessary for international travel. If you are fond of driving, apply for an International driving permit. You must take an international driver’s permit if you are a student.

This permit will help you to drive a car in an international country. You should also take all your medical records and other documents while going abroad for your studies.

6. Charge your phone’s battery

As you are going to another country, your bag will have numerous electronics. These electronics include cameras, smartphones, power banks, and tablets. Charging your electronics fully will help you to inform your parents and friends.

Airports have a charging point but it is better to charge your electronics to save time and decrease hassles. You will not have to waste time charging your phones and tablets by reaching an airport.

7. Watch the latest news about the place

You are traveling to another country for studies. So, it is necessary to watch updates of the country on news. You must get daily updates to study the situation in the country. Watching the news will let you know whether there are any political upheavals in that region.

If you know about these incidents before a few days, there will no panic at a later time. Even in the worst conditions, the country will close its borders to students. You will get protection under student travel insurance.

8. Get the currency exchanged

The most important thing to do before going to a foreign country is to get the local currency exchanged. You must count the money that you will need for daily expenses. Keep extra cash in case of a medical emergency or other situations.

Final words

These are some of the most vital things to keep in mind before going abroad for studies. You can now start packing your bags with all the necessary papers and documents for international travel. Planning your trip well in advance will save time and you can reduce unnecessary expenses before going abroad. It will keep you mentally prepared before a trip.

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