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How To Get International Driving Permit Online

Updated: Jan 21

Would you like to apply for a driver's licence abroad? Are you going to work or travel overseas for the holidays? You should have a long list of tasks to complete, and getting an international driving licence is one of them. You might be wondering what an international driving licence is, how to apply for one, and what its benefits are. To quickly answer your question, it enables you to rent or drive in a foreign country with an international driver's licence. Driving a car without a valid international driving licence is against the law and equivalent to driving without a valid licence at home.

So do not worry. All of your international driver's license-related queries can be answered on this blog.

How to get an International driving permit online?

Benefits of International Driving Permit

Eligibility for International driving permit online

IDP Validity

How much does it cost to obtain a driving licence abroad?


How can I obtain an International Driver's License online?

Getting an international driving permit online is easy, fast and secure. Now you can get an International driving license or international driving permit online from E-ITCA in only 15 minutes without any driving exam or test, you just need you valid national driving license in order to apply for an IDP online. Below are the few basic details which is required for applying an IDP:

  1. Name

  2. Email & Phone Number

  3. Current residence

  4. Place of birth

  5. National driver's license number,

  6. National driver's license issued date & expiry date

  7. Driving License Picture & Your Head Shot Photo For Your IDP

What makes an IDP or International drivers license so unique?

The International Driver's License is valid in over 175 countries worldwide and is available in 15 languages. It acts as valid identification. This ensures that the issuer can drive anywhere in the foreign country to which he wishes to travel. In the event of any damages abroad, you can even take advantage of insurance.

Benefits of an International Driving Permit:

● Rent a vehicle and explore a new route.

● It can also serve as proof of identification.

● No other foreign driving exam is necessary.

● You can travel to around 175 countries with an international driver's licence.

● You can sign up for international accident insurance if you have an international driver's licence.

● Enables Smooth interaction with foreign government officials.

● Discover rural areas' roads and scenery

● Additionally, renting and driving a car freely on foreign roads and highways is possible with an international driver's licence without running afoul of the law.

It's time to apply for an international driving permit online and travel overseas with your vehicle. Now you know how important an international driving licence is. Now let's go into detail about who can apply and how.

Who is eligible for an international driving permit ?

You can apply for an international driver's licence if you meet the following conditions:

● You are 18 years of age or older.

● a valid permanent driver's license.

An international driver's licence can easily be obtained online from the official E-ITCA Org website. The following paperwork is required to apply for an international driving permit in your local country or anywhere else outside the world:

● a copy of a valid driver's licence.

● Passport size photo

International Driver's License Validity:

Over 175 nations accept foreign driver's licences for one year after the date of issuance. By renewing before it expires, you may keep using your licence to drive around those nations.

The International Driver's License in its entirety is all about driving your own car or a rented car in a foreign country. Many tourists have a terrific experience visiting other countries. The scenery is beautiful, and the roads are excellent. Traveling is convenient and inexpensive, enabling you to take time and learn about a new place and culture. This article can assist you if you are wondering how to drive in a foreign nation and are planning a trip overseas. Can I use my local driver's licence abroad? This is the first question that the majority of travellers ask. If not, what are the alternatives?

With an international driver's license, you can travel to many other countries and drive around.Check the requirements and see whether you require anything other than a Local DL before you go.

Driving Nations:

The United States of America




South England, Africa

Zealand, New






Hong Kong's






Driving a private car may be prohibited in some foreign nations without an international driving licence (IDL) or international driving permit (IDP). The requirements for IDP eligibility are uniform everywhere. The standards are:

● To be eligible to apply for an international driver's licence, you must be at least 18 years old.

● A valid driver's licence in your country is a must.

How can I obtain a global driving licence?

A driver's licence from your native country might not be sufficient to hire a car overseas. This is where the International drivers license (IDL), which is created like a receipt, is useful. You may submit an online application for an IDL at the E-ITCA website. You have two ways to submit your application:

1. Submit an IDP application and have it mailed to your address.

2. Applications for Printable Soft-copy Print your own IDP to reduce shipping expenses.

Where can I acquire an International driving permit to drive my own Car internationally?

We at E-ITCA are aware of how challenging it may be to navigate the convoluted application process for an international driving permit. We've made the application process simpler by providing two alternatives as a result. You can choose to have a hard copy of your IDP mailed to your address or print your own hard copy to save money on postage.

How long does it take to get an international driver's licence?

The application procedure for acquiring an internal driver's licence has been expedited by E-ITCA by developing a platform that instructs you on precisely what is needed to finish your application. Get a cheap and simple international driver's licence to travel in Europe or any country only from E-ITCA Org. An IDP application may be submitted in as little as 2 minutes on average with the help of the most trusted and official E-ITCA Org website.

  1. On the E-ITCA website, submit an online application.

  2. Upload the necessary documentation and photographs.

  3. In about 2 minutes, you can submit details, purchase an IDP, and complete the whole IDP application procedure.

How much does it cost to obtain a driving licence abroad?

You can submit your application with the necessary costs once you have finished all the necessary paperwork, documentation, and other procedures. We've created a variety of methods that considers your needs in mind starting at just €39 to get your IDP.

Watch out for frauds!

Beware of all phoney websites and only apply for an ITCA international driving permit from the E-Itca official website (

It is now considerably simpler and quicker to apply for an international driver's licence through official E-ITCA Org than it was a few years ago. Before going on vacation or seeking a job overseas, apply for IDP only from the E-Itca official website ( Also, you can enjoy driving. Long solo rides are another option for watching the scenery or travelling to your favourite tourist destinations using your own car or a rental car.

E-ITCA has reduced the application process for obtaining an internal driver's licence by creating a platform that advises you on exactly what is required to complete your application.

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