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Australia Travel Guide

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Known as the “Land of Kangaroos”, Australia is famous for its exotic beauty. It has alluring beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, theme parks, and many other attractions. You can also enjoy skydiving, surfing, and many other water sports in Australia.

Every place in this country will leave you amazed. Australia is a combination of food, adventures, history, and culture. This travel guide lists all the nice attractions to visit in Australia, things to try in this country, and important tips to remember before traveling to Australia.

Best spots to visit in Australia

We already talked about Australia and its beautiful tourist attractions. Now, we will further look at the most alluring places of attractions in Australia:

1. Gold Coast

Gold Coast is one of the most elegant spots in Australia. It is home to shopping malls, sandy beaches, dining spaces, and theme parks. This place is well-known for good food, rocking events, and surfing. You can get many five-star hotels and resorts for your stay on Gold Coast. It also has high-rise buildings and fun cafes for tourists.

2. Great Ocean Road

Are you in love with a long drive at night? Then you must go to Great Ocean Road situated in Victoria. It has long and beautiful roads to enjoy a long drive. You can get an International driving permit to go for a drive in the city. The turquoise waters of the ocean make this place a blissful spot for a visit. This place is also home to many animals such as emus and kangaroos.

Enjoying beach sports is the favorite activity on Great Ocean Road. It is also a famous place for viewing waterfalls and rainforests.

3. The Blue Mountains National Park

This national park has gained the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. This park got its name from the blue haze that comes from eucalyptus trees. It also has many notable places for tourists such as Three Sisters and others. Glass roofed passenger railway is a must-watch attraction in this park. You can view cliffside tunnels, mountains, and hiking spots in this national park.

4. Heidi Museum of Modern Art

Another popular place that you must go to in Australia is the Heidi Museum of Modern Art. It is a nice museum with Heritage Park, an art gallery, and historical artifacts. The surroundings near this museum are simply great and you will love spending time here.

Tips to follow before going to Australia

Planning a trip to Australia with some tips will give you a chance to enjoy the trip at its best. You must follow some tips before going to this beautiful country such as:

· Learn local language

English is the local language in this country. You must also learn some phrases to have a smooth trip to Australia such as heaps, sunnies and so on. Learning a local language helps to connect with locals easily.

· Carry a valid visa

You should take all the important papers and documents while going to Australia such as your passport, visa, and air tickets. Apart from that, you must also complete some formalities and procedures to enter this country. You can ask about these formalities with your travel agent.

· Pick a good season

Australia can be enjoyed at its best when you pick a good season. You can pick any month between April and August to enjoy a real and adventurous trip to Australia. Summers shows the true colors of this country with clear ocean waters and other water activities.

· Give a short break to the Internet

Vacations can be enjoyed when there is no internet or any social media service. When you have planned to go for Australia, turn off your internet. You might get Wi-Fi connections in resorts and hotels to connect with your friends or family members. You can also get a local SIM card to enjoy uninterrupted internet services.

· Use public transport

Australia has premium-class public transport. You can easily get trams, buses, cabs, and trains to visit from one destination to another destination. You can pick public transport means to reach anywhere on time.

· Take care in crowded places

Australia has many busy cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. You can enjoy going to shopping malls and market areas in these cities. But it is also necessary to take care of your belongings in crowded places.

Things that one must try in Australia

The list to enjoy things in Australia never ends. You can try endless things in this country such as:

1. Enjoy movies in open-air cinemas

If you are bored with the same air-conditioned theater, try watching a movie in an open-air cinema. Australia has many famous open-air theaters where you can watch your favorite movies.

2. Take a ride in a helicopter

A scene of dancing waves of the Blue Ocean with a touch of white sand is something you must watch. You can take a ride in the helicopter to view Whitehaven Beach and its blue waters and sandy beaches.

3. Driving in major cities

One of the most interesting things that you can do is drive on the streets of Australian cities. You can get an International driver’s license in Australia to drive in any local car for leisure.

4. Taste the rich food of the country

Do not worry while traveling to Australia if you are a real foodie. The country is famous for its authentic food at the local food joints and restaurants.

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