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5 Best Places To Visit In the UK

The United Kingdom has lots of natural scenery, commercial centres, mountains, rivers, etc. The following are some extraordinary places which attract tourists, while travelling inside the UK, you need a valid international driver's license and international driver's permit for driving a vehicle by yourself. If you don't have proper documents, an international driver's permit, & an international driving license, you can't drive by yourself either. You need to hire a driver or use public transport. Driving without any documents is illegal in the UK. If you are a foreigner, you have to carry your passport.

t and all old passports for your own safety and peace. Take necessary everyday things before travelling along with all essential documents, and also those countries' currencies. Currencies can be converted into money exchanges, banks, and some financial institutions.


London is the capital city of England, which is a place of living history. Over 20 million visitors visit London every year. If you are travelling to London, don't miss the following places:

1. Natural History Museum in London

As mentioned before, this is a land of history. This museum was set up in 1754. It is a huge museum with 80 million items in zoology and botany showcased inside the museum.

2. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a massive 350-acre-park with man-made pools and boating, made in the 18th century. London Zoo is also available inside that park. If you are travelling with kids, they will love it.

3. St. Paul's Cathedral

The most beautiful and oldest church in London with an ancient history. This is the masterpiece of architecture

4. Covent Garden

This is a marketplace where they sell handcrafted items and are also famous for hotels, restaurants, etc. It is better if you are travelling with a UK international driving license.

5. The London Eye

The London Eye is about 442 feet high so you can see the whole city for the journey of 30 minutes. If you are travelling to the most famous tourist spot, like the London Eye, then you should have an international driver's license in London.


If you love nature, beaches, mountains, then this is the place you need to visit. Following are a few places that are famous in Lothian

1. Tantallon Castle

Tantallon Castle is a beautiful tourist spot with a stunning view of the sea and a castle near the beach.

2. John Muir Alpacas

If you love animals, then this is a place for you. This is the best place to travel with family. You can even play with those animals. Toddlers will love this place.

3. East Links Family Park

If you are looking for something adventurous, East Link Family Park would be best for you. Children will love this place. They will find many games and adventurous spots inside the park.

Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is purely an industrial and city area. If you are interested in these kinds of places, then you should visit Greater Manchester.

The following are some places in Greater Manchester:

Etihad Stadium is the most welcoming stadium for everyone. Kids will love this place. This is a complete stadium for players. This stadium includes changing rooms, tunnels for players, and a press conference room, which will give life to people and you will enjoy it. If you are a football fan, then this place is for you. People from other countries are also visiting this place.

2.The Lowry

The Lowry is an award-winning building with theatres, cafes, restaurants, art galleries, etc. They will conduct exhibitions, and it is also a fantastic spot for the family meeting or going with friends. This is a perfect city centre for people who are looking for enjoyment.

3. Bury market

Bury markets will be most active on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with more than 350 stalls opening in recent days. You can buy food and small items available in the market. This is a very cool place for tourists to visit and shop for excellent cultural food and products.

West Midlands

The West Midlands is a fantastic place with beautiful buildings, museums, gardens, parks, etc. The following are some places for tourists:

1.Moseley Old Hall

Moseley Old Hall has a grand old building, and it is the perfect place for kids with a treehouse, and the whole building is incredible. This is a very friendly place to visit and chill with your family or friends. If you are a foreign visitor, you should carry a valid international driver's permit.

2.Walsall Arboretum

Walsall Arboretum is famous for picnics; it is a pleasant place for family outings. Kids will enjoy this place, and they will feed ducks, play in the playground, and have a tennis court that will help you be active. This place is best for sunny days.

3.Sutton Park National Nature Reserve

Sutton Park National Nature Reserve is a place with pools, ponds, landscapes, woods, cafes, cows, etc. You will enjoy every corner of this place. Paths for long walks and visiting each place will give you pure bliss. This place is covered with green grass and nature. If you love nature, then you should visit this place at least once in your lifetime.


Kate is a must-visit city with historic buildings, bridges, beaches, etc. The following are a few places in Kate which you need to visit at least once in your life.


Blue Water is the fourth largest shopping centre in the UK. There is blue water nearby that shopping centre. This is a brilliant place for shopping and family entertainment. You can visit this place if you are looking for a joyful spot for enjoyment.

2. Chislehurst Caves, Bromley

These caves were man-made and used in World War. These caves are 35km long tunnels. If you love history and caves, then you should visit this place.

3. Upnor

This is a small village in Kate with a beautiful historical castle. This place is famous for boating, you can visit a nearby yacht club. This is an excellent historical place to visit. Even though it is a small village, you need to carry a valid international driver's permit in your hand.

East Sussex

East Sussex is a beautiful city with beaches and buildings. If you want to see some cultural places, then this is the place for you. The following are some places from East Sussex:

1.Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is a fantastic palace of King George. This building is a mixture of Indian and Chinese styles. This building is a historical wonder. If you enter that palace, you will feel royal pleasure.

2.The lanes

The Lane is a place with historical landmarks, food, walking areas, etc. You will find different types of shops, restaurants, etc. The main attraction would be jewellery shops. This is a fantastic place for shopping and chilling.

3.Old town hasting

Just like its name is an old town with old historical types of buildings and houses. Even shops are in the old style. Old-style house pubs are also available there. You will enjoy this place. This place is worth a visit.


This is a place where history, sports, museums, culture, and nightlife are famous. The following are some different places you can visit.

1.Anfield Stadium

Anfield Stadium is a football stadium with a lot of history. There are two different histories of clubs in this stadium. If you are a sports person, then you should visit this place.

2.Southport Pleasure land

This is an exciting amusement park for kids and families. Lots of rides and activities for kids are available. Food was also provided inside the park. This is the best place for family time on weekends.

3.Model Railway Village

This is a model of a village and train which is so enjoyable for kids. The tour duration is between one and two hours. Train stations and lights are also included in this model.

Greater Glasgow

This place is perfect for history lovers because it is full of museums, galleries, arts, nature etc. The following are some places for tourists.

1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

There are more than 8000 objects and collections available in this museum. This tour will take about two to three hours to complete. This place is perfect for kids. You can learn the art from the 1880s in the UK.

2. Glengoyne Distillery

In this place, you will get a whisky tour, which includes the process of making it. This would be great entertainment for people. This place is not for kids. This place was started in 1833.

3. Celtic Park

It's the most welcoming place, with a walking space. Celtic Park is a historical park, and you will get a tour of 1 to 2 hours. Kids will love this place.


Hampshire is a place of museums, architecture. The following are some historical places

1.Milestones Museum

The Milestones Museum is a place where it recreates the 1940s, including buildings, people, shops, streets, etc. If you visit this place, you will feel like you are living in the 1940s. If you love the olden period, then you should visit this place. This place is for everyone.

2. Sea City Museum

This is a place where you can learn things about boats and the sea. They also explain Titanic's history and Southampton's history. It takes almost 2 hours to complete the tour. The must-visit places for everyone.

3.Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

You will need a whole day to visit this beautiful place with HMS warriors and HMS victory ships, which is the main tourist attraction. This is a perfect family spot, but dogs are not allowed inside this place.


Oxfordshire is a place where universities, libraries, parks, and museums are famous. The following are some places

1.Bicester Village

This place is for shopping and has a good collection of boutiques, and also restaurants are exceptional in that place. Easy walkways for extended walking. If you love shopping, then this would be a perfect place for you.

2.Garth Park

This is a perfect, peaceful place to spend time with your family. This is a good place for a picnic. Children will love this place. Garth Park has green grass floors, and trees, giving you a great experience for everyone.

3.Wytham woods

Wytham Woods is 6km from Oxford. These parks have beautiful forests, trees, and paths with huge woodland. You need to apply for tickets before visiting that place, and dogs and bikes are not allowed inside this place. If you love nature, this is the place you need to visit

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