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Where To Travel On Christmas

20 places to visit on Christmas in USA

We all know about Christmas and its history of a beautiful celebration. From the ancient era, people celebrated the festival in different ways. The celebration is all about coming together and celebrating the auspicious event of Christmas with decorated trees, wreaths, candies and gifts. To relive the history and feel the warmth, every year people decorate their home with supplies. Even some people decorate their towns on this very occasion that can leave you wide-eyed and dumbstruck. Something you have never seen before. Although Christmas is all about coming back home and getting closer to your family. But you will not regret it if you plan a vacation to the following places to celebrate Christmas.

  1. New York, NY, USA –

At Christmas, there is no place like New York City in the United States of America. The way they decorate their city, especially the Big Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Center and its surroundings, it is worth a plan to visit this place. Start with skating rinks, countless other attractions, shopping opportunities and ends with different types of entertainment. In all, it is worth a plan for a Christmas trip to New York.

2. Bethlehem, PA, USA –

Spending Christmas in Bethlehem in the United States of America can be another good choice. This Pennsylvania town offers horse-drawn carriages to cherish. A Christmas City Stroll in horse-drawn carriages will have you and your entire family laughing and bright. The Christmas decoration of the town is worth a trip to enjoy.

3. The North Pole, AK, USA –

Some places are there in the world that we are rarely familiar with. A trip to Alaska in the United States of America at Christmas can bring chills to your bones. But I bet you will never regret your decision to take a vacation for Christmas. The North Pole is called the Winter Wonderland. It boasts its year-round Christmas spirit. The “Santa Clause House” with live reindeer sounds like a dream come true. The streetlights in Candy Cane shape will give you the proper Christmas vibe.

4. Nantucket, MA, USA –

Nantucket in the United States of America is known as a summer destination. It is beautiful in the off-season like Christmas. The Annual Christmas Stroll takes place in the first week of December. This place is worthy of a trip if you plan to have a peaceful Christmas celebration.

5. St. Augustine, FL, USA –

St. Augustine in the United States of America is known as a warm-weather locale. But it won a spot in the winter too for its downright festive. Candles, lights, and Christmas décor are sprinkled throughout the town. This place can be on your bucket list to spend the entire holiday season. Moreover, you do not have to carry any coat to celebrate and enjoy. That is a relief sometimes.

6. Newport, RI, USA –

Newport, in the United States of America, is known for its beautiful Gilded age mansions and ocean views. This place also offers when it's winter. A month-long holiday celebration makes it a must-try holiday destination for Christmas. Concerts, watching the annual tree lighting, shopping crafts are the attractions. Homes become majestic when lit with candles.

7. Ann Arbor, MI, USA –

There is so much to love about Ann Arbor in the United States of America at Christmas time. Dozens of holiday events are attractions. Free outdoor markets, food fairs (German), s’mores roasting, lantern parades and live music. And what not! The Annual “Sing along with Santa” by the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra is a must-watch.

8. Atchison, KS, USA –

Atchison town in the United States of America is a great place to visit. The attraction is its holiday spirit. Events like Christmas parades, horse-drawn sleigh rides, a “colouring contest”. Moreover, a Mr. and Miss Winter Wonderland Pageant. Everything will lighten up your Christmas.

9. Manchester, VT, USA –

Manchester in the United States of America is a place for a White Christmas. It is needless to mention it is a place to visit in winter. All sparkly Christmas decorations with a wrap of hipped snow is a must-have on your bucket list. The whole place lit up like a Christmas tree.

10. Blue Ridge, GA, USA –

Blue Ridge in the United States of America is famous for its train ride with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and its Southern charm. A train trip with Santa at Christmas sounds like a dream. Only a trip to Blue Ridge can turn your dream into reality.

11. Denton, NC, USA –

Denton in the United States of America offers you a stunning merry time Christmas. The Denton Farmpark’s Country Christmas Train in Denton is worth a trip. Both the little ones and the grown-ups will enjoy it. You can stop by Santa’s grotto. You can explore a real-life “gingerbread house”. Carols at church will give you the Christmas vibe.

12. Big Spring, TX, USA –

The Big Spring in the United States of America is a place known for all the American Christmases. It is a charming town, especially with the holiday spirit. The town is being dubbed the “Lighted Poinsettia Capital of Texas”.

13. Darby, MT, USA –

Darby is in the United States of America, a place tucked within Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains. It is the perfect place to spend a gorgeous Christmas with cowboy vibes. Horseback riding, snowshoeing, and ice fishing are special attractions. Elaborate holiday décor is a feature that comes with the option of having an artificial or real tree. The trees are decorated with the ornaments of the choice of the guests.

14. New Hope, PA, USA –

New Hope in the United States of America is a must-visit place. Experience a “white Christmas” with Christmas Carols, hot cocoa, and cookies. Moreover, Santa with Mrs. Claus comes to visit the town. Don’t wait to see these auras and plan a trip.

15. Essex, CT, USA –

Essex in the United States of America is a place to visit for Christmas. A ride on the North Pole Express. Keeping things locomotive themed at the annual Holiday Train Show are the main attractions. Another attraction is a stunning light show.

16. Duluth, MN, USA –

People from all over the world gather in Duluth in the United States of America. Eyewitnesses a massive light display on Christmas. The bonus is free and runs through November and December. Another attraction is the scenic train journey along Lake Superior. I am sure you will not regret a trip to Duluth for Christmas.

17. Franklin, TN, USA –

Franklin in the United States of America offers a platter with Christmas celebrations. A festival named “Annual Dickens of a Christmas Festival” is in its 35th Year. It brings characters from a Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist to life. You can roam the Victorian Village with tasty treats like sugar plums. In addition, the Carols give it a perfect touch of Christmas celebration.

18. Park City, UT, USA –

Park City in the United States of America is a breathtaking place to spend the Christmas holidays. There are loads of Christmas events throughout December. Sleigh rides, holiday markets. The best one is the Christmas Eve torchlight parade, where people come down the mountain to lead Santa into town. This is an opportunity that cannot be missed!

19. Stockbridge, UT, USA –

Stockbridge in the United States of America portrays the Rockwell painting each year. The town re-creates 1967 Rockwell paintings during the festival. Old fashioned cars line the main street. The main attraction. This place is worth a Christmas Trip.

20. Greenville, SC, USA –

Greenville in the United States of America gives you a vibe of a set of Hallmark Christmas movies. The sidewalks twinkle with lights. Santa’s electric sleigh drives with an elf in tow. A miniature outdoor skating rink on Main Street, a 'Festival of Trees' competition, and tree lighting ceremonies are the magic.


Christmas time is a merry and jolly time for everyone. Cast and Creed do not matter when it comes to a festival. The holiday season adds spice to our busy lives. So, let’s pack your bag and choose any destination for your Christmas holiday. All suggestions were made after extensive research and do not forget to get international driving license. I bet you will not regret any decision. Have Fun. Merry Christmas!

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