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The Most Beautiful International Drives You Can Drive Around the World

For the last two years, the entire world has been locked in their houses. But the traveller's soul never wants to hold back. With limited options to travel interstate or internationally, one finds alternative ways to relive the thrill of travelling.

Worry not anymore, as we bring you the most melon sunsets, bright blue seas, emerald mountains, burnt caramel sands, with the help of in depth research and our experience in travelling around the world, to take a ride around the world's

US Route 66

The legendary highway route connecting Chicago and Los Angeles, passing through 8 States running across 2400 miles, embodies American culture. The Mojave Desert represents the complete Pantone colour palettes, including sepia, peach blossom, and chicory coffee. If you are at the right place at the right time, you will be lucky enough to witness the sky turning into yellow hues with a tangerine accent. The entire trip takes almost three weeks so it is necessary to be well resourced.

The Gobi desert, Mongolia

The Gobi desert is in the capital of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar. The desert is surrounded by sand dunes, cliffs, and valleys across its stretch. On a week-long track, one can have camel cheese to the content of the heart. The Gobi desert is one of Asia's largest deserts and a site of historic dinosaur remains. The scenery looks like a painting with the shades of moonstone, siblings, turtledove wings, and a dash of chalky ash.

South Island Highway, New Zealand

This is the ultimate heaven for everyday travel out there as the New Zealand South Island not only because it showcases bungee jumping, skydiving, and canyon jumping. A drive amidst the South Island highways wrapped in mountains and volcanoes is a visual treat. It's a two to three-week journey. You can experience the highlands in all their use, from light grey to black monotone to ash grey. In addition, the serpentine roadways are a combination of cardamom seed colour and light grey. It seems like a picture playing with every mountain shade in the book.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, stretching across a length of almost 4,000 miles, is one of the world's biggest Salt Pan, also known as Bolivian salt flats. A blanket of salt breaks throughout the drought, revealing a tapestry of blue quartz, pale blue, muted purple and bluish specks. During the wet season, the salt desert becomes an eternal mirror of human reflection. A gaze up to the sky reveals a painting in the shades of a banana pancake. It is best to make the journey through the salt flat with the four-wheel-drive vehicle or consult locals as they are the best tour guides.

Iceland Ring Road

Did someone just play 'Colour Decay'? With the song in the background, the 825 mile, long Iceland ring road cannot be a mess. The route travels past Marshall Islands waterfall slopes with flowing waterfalls and coastlines. The sky is aesthetically beige and pink. The green mountains are filled with dark purple and pastel blue summits, magnificent to watch. The place can be visited any time across the year, but it is best to take a vacation in the summer.

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

In Norway, the Atlantic Road is popularly known as the road in the ocean. Close your eyes and imagine a landscape with opal, lemon yellow, and bright purple splashed across it. With curves and descents over the approaching waves, it is nothing less than a roller coaster. It is recommended to drive slowly for the entire stretch of 5 miles while stopping at specifically selected areas to breathe in the scenery and the salty air. However, if the five miles is not long enough for you then move on to the seven bridges.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Australian Great Ocean Road is a stretch of 150 miles long road beside sun-drenched beaches. It takes 3 days to complete the journey and throughout it, one will find themselves intrigued by hues of blue caramel and subdued pale blue with hints of citrus. In the end, you'll arrive at the coast of twelve apostles Stacks. Tag along with a surfboard or boogie board for no vessels if you plan on staying in one of the famous seaside towns like Lorne or Torquay to enjoy sailing through the waves. You can even spot a Kangaroo leaping in the grasslands if you travel into the land.

Badlands National park, US Route 240

We're coming close to the end of a journey and now we are back in the US specifically to the badlands national park. It is only a short distance of 39 miles. But the devilish appearance of the Pak took 75 million years to develop so make sure to check out all the 16 attractions. The journey is spectacular with the colours of Indigo blue spices and dry tobacco-coloured rocks. Rare species can be spotted in the National Park. Drive-in an open hooded car to take in the beauty of the surroundings and the Baltic sea-coloured sky.

North Coast 500, Scotland

You don't have to venture further to climb mountains or enjoy the adrenaline thrill if you reside in the UK. All adrenaline-exciting activities can be found across the stretch of 516 km which requires only 5 days to cross. You will move through yellow-green, light grey, and grey-brown elements kaleidoscope with visits between two local breweries kayaking in turbulent waters and viewing seabirds. The sky above is a dark blue with a touch of cotton candy.

Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

I hope you don't have motion sickness if we go forward with this journey since the highway is a 93 miles long spiral route that takes you across Romania's gigantic mountains. Experience the colours of summer by taking a snap with a glimpse of the highway filled with Jasmine, the shade of spindle tree, ethereal Woodland, with hints of magenta. The journey from Cartisoara to Baskov is short, but it is recommended that one stay for a few days because there is a lot to see and do.

Before you start browsing for destinations

Travelling is a form of gaining insights about the world but above that, about oneself that helps them reach a mightier level of understanding of their life. As Oscar Wilde had mentioned once, "Live life with no excuses and travel with no regrets." should be the motto of every traveller.

We hope this article inspires you to pack your bags right away and start travelling again after a long hiatus. But wait, if you are travelling alone or in a group, you will surely need an international driving permit. It is necessary that you hold an International Driving License or permit to drive beyond the country and enjoy the roads of New Country and its stunning views. The International Driving License legally allows you to drive worldwide. An International Driving License is a United Nations authorised document allowing the visitors to drive a car legally on the roads of a foreign country. To avoid facing any unwanted situations on your lovely trip around twisted roads and sun-drenched beaches, go ahead and register on to get your international driving permit delivered to your doorstep with only a few steps of inputting valid information as required. Happy exploring! Now, you can go back to your bag packing.

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