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Things to remember while traveling to Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country blessed with nice landscapes, high-rise buildings, awesome beaches, and long coastlines. It is a paradise with flawless beauty and graceful scenery. From the tallest towers of the world to green islands, you will find everything in Malaysia.

You can enjoy many adventurous activities like hiking, sky diving, and surfing in this wonderful country. It also offers many places to relax and even dive areas for enjoyment. But you have to follow some best tricks to make your Malaysia trip more special.

Best time to travel to Malaysia

Malaysia has two types of climate: Hot and dry. Generally, the country has a humid climate and there are rains for most of the year. To explore the true elegance of Malaysia, you must visit the country between October and March.

On the west coast of Malaysia, you will enjoy lovely weather for beach activities. You can enjoy snorkeling, surfing, and other water sports in these months. Apart from that, you will also see the true culture of Malaysia in these months.

Lots of tourists visit Malaysia to witness the Thaipusam festival and Chinese New year. Many cultural activities are organized at these festivals.

If you are a true foodie, visit the country in June. Ramadan festival is celebrated with great pomp and delicious desserts. You can also enjoy Malay dishes during the Ramadan festival. The atmosphere during Ramadan is truly welcoming and appealing.

Some other notable events taking place in Malaysia include the Rainforest music festival, Sabah International Folklore Festival, and George Town festival. At these festivals, you might find it difficult to get a hotel room due to the rush but you can do booking well in advance to avoid hassles.

If you want to take the best trekking experience, pick April and May to visit Malaysia. You can enjoy every outdoor activity in these months. During April, you will enjoy beach activities in humid weather.

Deepavali is another popular festival celebrated in Malaysia with great joy. You will feel energetic by seeing the city shining with bright lights and colorful hangings. The city is full of high energy, colors, and vibrant lights during Deepavali.

Where to stay during your trip?

The first thing we do after reaching any travel destination is to find a good hotel to stay in. Malaysia has a variety of hotels starting from five-star hotels to three-star hotel rooms. You will get a hotel as per your budget and the size of your family. Apart from hotels, you can also book hostels in Kuala Lumpur and other cities in the country. It is advisable to book a hotel room in advance if you are going in the months of festivals.

Nightlife in Malaysia

Malaysia has the best nightlife for youngsters and even families. Cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Bintang have amazing food joints, restaurants, cinemas, and pubs for youngsters. One can enjoy shopping at various malls and spending time with family and friends at food courts.

If you want to spend the best nightlife moments in Malaysia, get a car on a rental basis. You will need an International driving license in Malaysia to drive any vehicle in the city. Driving amidst high-rise buildings and bright streets of Malaysia gives immense joy.

Food to enjoy in Malaysia

Malaysia is situated in the southeastern part of Asia. You will get the true flavors of food in this country. Malaysia has some of the finest restaurants in the world serving tasty dishes from Asian countries. The country serves delicious Chinese dishes. You will also some of the tastiest Indian dishes in the restaurants in Malaysia.

Cheap food is available in local food stalls and food courts. Many cafes and bakeries are available in the cities of Malaysia serving a variety of sandwiches and milkshakes.

Important things to remember before going to Malaysia

Before going to Malaysia, you must remember certain things to make your trip beautiful as well as safe. Here is the list of things that must remember during a trip:

1. Travel with family and friends: One thing to know is that Malaysia is a costly place. So, you can visit the country with your family and friends to reduce the cost of the trip.

2. Carry a converter: Malaysia has a voltage of 230 volts. So, you need to take a converter to use all your compatible devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and cameras.

3. Travel insurance: Although Malaysia is a safe country to travel to, it is still a wise idea to get travel insurance. This insurance will cover theft or loss of bags during a trip. You will get the compensation under travel insurance if there is a loss of bag or theft.

4. Visa and other requirements: You will need a flight ticket, passport, visa, International driving permit in Malaysia, and other documents to enter this country.

5. Lightweight fabrics: Malaysia experiences a hot and humid climate for maximum time. You must carry light cotton clothes to stay comfortable during a tour. Do not forget to pack swimwear to enjoy water sports.

6. Currency: You can use American dollars or Euros or pounds in the country. It is necessary to take enough cash to pay at every point.

7. First aid box: It is better if you carry a first aid box with all the medical supplies while going to Malaysia.

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