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Malaysia Travel Guide

A portion of Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo are occupied by Malaysia, which is situated in Southeast Asia. The Malaysian nation is renowned for the Petronas Twin Towers, its lush jungles, and its stunning beaches. It is advisable to read about Malaysia before visiting there to have a better understanding of this stunning nation. Apply for a Malaysian International Driving Permit if you wish to be able to drive on the nation's congested roadways.

In Malaysia, driving might be challenging if you're not careful. The chance to drive on Malaysian roads may be quite thrilling and a bit stressful, regardless of whether you are a resident or are merely vacationing and taking advantage of all that Malaysia has to offer. Malaysia has a lot to offer, from delicious street cuisine to stunning landmarks, making the journey worthwhile despite its congested streets.

How does this Malaysian driving guide assist you?

Malaysia is one of the safest locations to drive because it is one of Asia's slower-growing nations. However, there are a few things you should know first if you're just a traveler renting a car.

Basic information

The nation is cosmopolitan and multiethnic. This indicates that individuals within the population practice several religions. Although Islam is the official religion of the nation, other non-Muslims are given freedom of worship. Peninsular Malaysia has the bulk of Malaysia's population, with East Malaysia housing the remainder.

They exhibit a wide range of racial, linguistic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. For administrative reasons, there are certain divisions created between native peoples, known as Bumiputera, and immigrant groups, mostly Chinese and South Asians, known as non-Bumiputera, as a result of this variety.

Geographical area

The Southeast Asian nation of Malaysia is located north of the equator. Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia), on the island of Borneo, and East Malaysia are her two regions, divided by the South China Sea. Malaysia's 13 states and 3 federal territories are considered to be part of the country's federal constitutional monarchy.

Malaysia is connected to Singapore and has shared borders with Thailand (West Malaysia), Indonesia, and Brunei (East Malaysia). Additionally, it shares maritime borders with the Philippines and Vietnam.

Speakable language

Malaysian is their official language. Following the racial unrest of 1969, English replaced Malay as the second language in Malaysia. According to the National Languages Act of 1967, it may be used for official purposes.

English, along with Malaysian, is the official language in Sarawak, nevertheless.

Additionally, there is Malaysian English, which is a variant of British English and is also referred to as Standard Malaysian English. Along with Manglish, the informal variety of Malaysian English, it is frequently employed in business.


Due to the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism's push to market Malaysia as a top-tier tourist destination, the phrase "Malaysia, the true Asia" has been used to describe Malaysia since the 1990s. From a vast range of delectable street foods to internationally renowned sites that make a journey tremendously valuable, Malaysia has a lot to offer.

Renting a car in Malaysia

In Malaysia, renting a car makes traveling easier. In Malaysia, there are several automobile rental agencies, and you can contact practically all of them online. But how can you be certain that a particular car rental company in Malaysia is reliable? See more details about renting a car below. Once you've rented a car in Malaysia, keep in mind that you must always have your driver's license on you.

Auto rental

The following step after obtaining your Malaysian IDP is to rent a vehicle. You may pre-prepare this online. Online reservations might help you save money as well. When you arrive in Malaysia, you may also rent a vehicle.

Required paperwork for renting a car in Malaysia

You must obtain the required paperwork from the local Malaysian agency to hire an automobile. which are:

A valid driving permit

You must have a photo on your driver's license, and it must be unencumbered and valid for at least a year. Even if you have already leased a car in Malaysia, you need to always have your driver's license with you when you are out on the road.

Passport or visa as acceptable identification

Keep in mind that your visa must be current and not rejected. Every other identity will eventually be rejected. You must always have your passport with you. For security purposes, certain agencies may also keep a copy of your ID.

4 to 5 passport pictures

The agency decides if a passport photo is necessary. It's safer to carry extra, as some agencies need you to take three shots.

Driver's license or international driving permit:

The IDP license is a translation of one issued domestically. It is crucial to take the car to all of your scheduled excursions. You may apply for an IDP at if you haven't already. Anyone can understand the process because it is quick and simple.

The local driver's license in English

If the characters on your driver's license are not Roman. There must be an English translation for Chinese and Japanese. The English version is intended for both transportation professionals and automobile rental organizations. aims to remove linguistic barriers.

International Driving Permit in Malaysia

A domestic driver's license has been transformed into an international driving permit (IDP). In a nation that accepts the document, you are permitted to operate a personal vehicle. Travellers like you have the option of arriving at your destination more quickly and affordably, particularly when traveling in groups. We are all aware that Malaysia does not accept various kinds of driver's licenses. However, residents of ASEAN (Southeast Asia) nations may drive in Malaysia using their home country's license. It is inexpensive and simple to apply for an IDP in Malaysia directly from For quicker transactions and outcomes, you can submit your application for a Malaysian International Driving Permit online through. To apply for an international driver's license via, all you need is a copy of the front and back of your current driver's license, a picture of your digital passport, and your IDP payment.

What conditions must be met to obtain an international driving permit?

To drive on Malaysian roads, visitors from outside Malaysia and Southeast Asia need an IDP. Despite Singapore's membership in ASEAN, Malaysian drivers are not permitted to use Singapore driver's licenses while operating Malaysian vehicles. Therefore, even if you reside in Singapore, you require an IDP. Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid driver's license who has at least one year left on it is eligible to receive an IDP. An IDP is an essential document required to drive in Malaysia. The following documents are necessary to apply for a Malaysian International Driving Permit:

  1. a copy of your current driver's license, front and back.

  2. a passport-size photograph.

  3. Then finish the IDP forms only at the official.

Please be aware that if you simply have a trial/learner license, you cannot apply for an IDP. Holders of motorcycle learner licenses are likewise ineligible to apply for an IDP.

Malaysian traffic laws

If this is your first time visiting Malaysia, you should be aware that driving laws must be respected. Numerous tourists who use self-driving cars have been in minor collisions or have been pulled over by police for breaking the law. For a safe vacation, read all of Malaysia's self-driving rules and restrictions before traveling on the nation's congested roadways.

Important guidelines for driving in Malaysia

You should educate yourself on the traffic laws and road rules in Malaysia before you begin driving. We have included a collection of these rules and guidelines below to help you get started on your trip.

Law on Drunk Driving

You should also be aware that it is illegal to drive in Malaysia while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that are forbidden. cocaine, marijuana, heroin, opium, etc. 80 milligrams of alcohol are allowed in every 100 milliliters of blood, which is the highest acceptable blood alcohol level.

Authorities may punish you with up to RM2,000 and put you in jail for up to 6 months if they believe you are under the influence of alcohol. Both drivers in Malaysia and visitors are obliged to abide by this guideline.

General standards

In addition to the guidelines listed above, it's critical to be aware of and comprehend several Malaysia-specific guidelines. You should be aware of this and continue to follow these guidelines, notwithstanding the possibility that they also apply in your country of residence.

Vehicle taxes

You should be aware of the road tax if you drive in Malaysia. You can register at the JPJ office or the Road Traffic Division. You may either pay in person at the Pos Malaysia office by presenting his JPJ registration card in the automobile, or you can pay online. Make sure your auto insurance is current before paying your road tax.

The seatbelt

In Malaysia, using a seat belt is required. Additionally, seatbelts are a requirement for motorists. By law, seat belt use is required. Therefore, if you drive while not wearing a seatbelt, you risk receiving a fine for this one offense alone. Children under the age of four must also be secured in child safety seats and are prohibited from riding in the front seat.

Mobile device

In Malaysia, using a mobile device while operating a vehicle is severely forbidden. only permitted when linked to a hands-free device, such as Bluetooth. In that nation, you risk fines and license suspension if you're discovered using your phone while driving.

Lane shift

You should be cautious when changing lanes when driving in Malaysia. Many bikers don't always abide by the law. In Malaysia, many drivers frequently weave in and out of traffic with little regard for other motorists. According to statistics, fast motorbikes, primarily driven by relatively young individuals, are responsible for nearly 60% of traffic incidents in Malaysia.

Speed restriction

Within Malaysia, there are three different types of speed restrictions. On highways, the top speed is 110 km/h (68 mph); on public roads, it is 90 km/h (55 mph); and in towns, it is 60 km/h (37 mph). Since many traffic accidents have been reported as a result of drivers' failure to ensure their own and other people's safety, Malaysia's speed limits are a little slower than those in other nations. The number of road deaths is progressively declining, thanks in part to speed limits.

As a result, you must adhere strictly to the posted speed restrictions when driving on Malaysian roads to prevent any potential collisions.

Age Limit for Driving in Malaysia

He must be at least 18 years old to legally drive a car on Malaysian public roads and possess a driver's license. Although the minimum age varies by jurisdiction, it is typically set at 18.

In Malaysia, you must be at least 18 years old to drive and hire a car; you must be at least 23 years old and have had a license for a year.

Taking over technique

Due to the tendency of Malaysian motorcycle riders to zigzag across the road, overtaking might be challenging. It's worth the risk, for instance, if you're running late for a meeting or a trip or if one of your loved ones needs help right away. but proceed with caution. It is wise to presume that the motorcycle will attempt to go ahead on occasion.

To pass on a three-lane highway, go into the rightmost lane. In Malaysia, left-hand drive is indicated by passing in the far right lane. In other words, the car's steering wheel is located on the left side.

Driving side

If this is your first time driving in Malaysia, you should be aware that the country uses the British system.

To put it another way, Malaysians drive both left and right. For instance, on a three-lane highway, the slow lane is on the left edge, while the fast lane is in the middle, on the right edge.

However, despite the driver or drivers honking their horns or flashing their lights, many slowly moving vehicles continue to travel in the passing lane. Rest areas with gas stations and eateries are common along roads.

Activities to do in Malaysia

There are several things you may do when you organize your vacation to Malaysia. especially if one of them entails operating a vehicle or hunting for employment. Getting a job in Malaysia might be challenging for foreigners, especially given how competitive the employment market is. However, don't give up. If you seek long and hard enough, there is always employment for you.

Driving while being a visitor in Malaysia

When traveling by car in Malaysia, it can be very stressful, especially if you're not used to the aggressive driving style of the locals. It will be exciting and enjoyable. Additionally, even those who don't want to drive abroad can learn a lot by doing this.

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