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Best Places To Visit In India

India is a country with huge diversity in religion, culture, heritage, and traditions. It is a land of pure and holy rivers, charming history, attractive facts, and lots more. People all over the world visit this holy land to unveil the rich history and unknown facts.

There are various Places to visit in India once in a lifetime. This blog lists all the best places that one must visit in India.

Best places to visit in India

  1. Taj Mahal

  2. Darjeeling

  3. Varanasi

  4. Pangong Lake, Ladakh

  5. The Andaman Islands

  6. Manali

  7. Kashmir


Taj Mahal

The epitome of love, the Taj Mahal is one of the most Unique tourist places to visit in India. Every year, millions of people from different countries visit the Taj Mahal to enjoy viewing its beauty. This monument looks marvelous in the early morning. Made of pure marble, this monument has intrinsic designs on its walls and roofs. You can also visit other monuments in Agra such as Agra Fort, Akbar’s Mausoleum, and so on.


Darjeeling is another notable place to visit when you traveling to India. It is a breathtaking place with lush green plantations and steep slopes. You can enjoy the mesmerizing views of Khangchendzonga from this hill station. It also has many colorful and beautiful Buddhist monasteries. You can take a Toy train to enjoy the scenic beauty of Darjeeling.


One of the oldest cities in the world Varanasi is a good place to visit. It is a must-visit place in India to know various religious facts of Hinduism. Many spiritual activities are carried out at the banks of the River Ganges. Many pilgrims come here to take a holy bath in the Ganges River. This city has many interesting things to do such as boar rides, Hindu chanting ceremonies, and so on.

Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Your trip to India is not finished unless you visit this heavenly place. Ladakh is truly a paradise with many lakes and high mountain ranges. It has several colorful Buddhist monasteries with rich designs. The place is filled with many ancient monuments and structures such as Shanti Stupa and Leh Palace.

One of the best things to do in Ladakh is to drive. You can take an International driving permit in India to enjoy a Car ride along the cool winds of Ladakh. Pangong Lake is one of the best places to see in Ladakh.

The Andaman Islands

If you want a nice beach vacation, choose the Andaman Islands. This place has white sand beaches surrounded by tall coconut trees. Crystal clear blue waters relax your mind as well as your soul. The Andaman Islands are full of coral reefs and rare species of birds. You will also get to know the interesting history of British rule in India by visiting these islands.


Manali is an icy paradise with boundless beauty. You can hang out with your buddies in some of the most delicious cafes in Manali. Some of the best activities to try in Manali include mountaineering, trekking, and paragliding. Manali remains a favorite vacation spot for many couples.


Kashmir is rightly called a paradise on Earth. It is famous for Dal Lake, Shikaras, and houseboats. Surrounded by ice-capped mountains, Kashmir is a blissful place to visit in India. It has enchanting beauty with a lot of tourist places to explore once in your life.

Things To Remember While Traveling To India

India is surely a colorful and chaotic country with surreal beauty. It is true bliss to visit this holy land once in a lifetime. However, you must keep some things in your mind before visiting this country such as:

  • It is necessary to research while going to major tourist attractions in India. You can pick a tourist guide to explore some of the best tourist places with their history.

  • Do not consume too much street food in India as it might cause some bowel problems such as gas and acidity.

  • As far as possible, you must drink mineral water in India as tap water is not fit for drinking.

  • If you are a first-time visitor to India, go for a reputable hotel in major cities of the country. These hotels have all the modern amenities for tourists.

  • Do not forget to carry a good camera to capture all your golden memories spent in India.

International Driving License

You must keep in mind that you need to have an international driver's licence if you intend to drive across the entire nation. As a result, you will be able to rent a car and travel to your favourite locations.

Even though practically all of these tourist attractions are reachable via public transportation, it is always a smart idea to rent a car when travelling or when visiting from outside. This enables you to go at your own pace, pausing as often as you like—even for something as simple as taking a quick photo and creating memories—without the driver continually urging you to hurry or masking their anger whenever you request a halt.

On the other hand, the simple solution to this minor issue that might potentially ruin your holiday in India is an international driving licence. You can apply for an international driving licence and get your international driver permit with the support of ITCA in just a few simple clicks. With your international driving permit in hand, you are free to go to these tourist locations whenever and wherever you like.

You can also know the procedure of How to get an international driving license in India and enjoy riding a car on the large streets of India. The first step in applying for an international driving licence is to visit the ITCA website. After that, you must submit all of your required paperwork, including ID documents and other papers. Along with all the paperwork and documents, there is a small application cost that must be paid on the ITCA website.

Final words

The above are the list of all the famous places to visit in India. India is a country that will purify your mind, body, and soul and give you the most memorable moments of life.

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