The Legal Power of ITCA

This section outlines how the international driving permit that is issued by ITCA has a legal power and is being accepted and recognized internationally 

The National Driving Permit Legal Power

Your national driving permit is issued by your respective government and thus it is a valid legal document that allows you to drive an automobile. The national driving license is theoretically recognized internationally since the issuing body is an internationally recognized state authorities

Since ITCA is issuing your international driving permit in cooperation with your local national authorities, the ITCA IDP is an international version of your own national driving license and thus it has the same legal power and is recognized globally.


ITCA IDP is the international version of your valid national driving license and thus it enjoys the same legal recognition. 

The ITCA IDP cannot be issued unless the national driving license is verified by the issuing national authorities.

Once you submit an application for ITCA IDP, you authorize ITCA to conduct a source verification of your national driving license

    National Cooperation Legal Power:

    Based on signed agreements, the ITCA IDP is issued in full coordination with the national authorities and driving school. The signed agreement between ITCA and driving school gives ITCA the legal power to issue an international version of IDPs on behalf of the driving schools

    Consequently, ITCA has access to all driver's records and legal situation in their respective countries.

    What national authorities do cooperate with ITCA:

    • National transport authorities;
    • National Driving School;
    • Car rental companies;



    ITCA issues International Driving Permits on behalf of national driving schools and authorities based on signed agreements

    ITCA IDP states the national driving license number

    ITCA IDP states the holder national passport number

    ITCA IDP states the holder signature which is idential to the signature on the holder passport



    Coordination with Car Rental Companies:

     ITCA has provided all international and national car rental companies with necessary tools to verify the authenticity of ITCA IDPs through a secure online form



    ITCA provides car rental companies and other traffic authorities with an online secure tool to conduct a validation exercise of the ITCA IDPs



    ITCA & the International Standards:

    ITCA follows the United Nations guidelines that regulate the issuance of the international driving permit or license, you can view the UN guidelines on issuance driving licenses here

    Annex 7


    1. The permit shall be a booklet in format A 6 (148 x 105 mm). The cover shall be grey and the inside pages white.

    2. The outside and inside of the front cover shall conform, respectively, to model pages Nos. 1 and 2 below; they shall be printed in the national language, or in at least one of the national languages, of the issuing State. The last two inside pages shall be facing pages conforming to model No. 3 below; they shall be printed in French. The inside pages preceding these two pages shall repeat the first of them in several languages, which must include English, Russian and Spanish.

    3. Handwritten or typed entries made on the permit shall be in Latin characters or in English cursive script.

    4. Contracting Parties issuing or authorizing the issuance of international driving permits of which the cover is printed in a language other than English, French, Russian or Spanish shall communicate to the Secretary-General of the United Nations the translation into that language of the text of model page No. 3 below.

    ITCA IDP is in accord with the United Nations Issuance Guidelines.