At the International Traffic Control Association, our highest aim is to help transform the automotive and transportation industry in the world—not only by automating services and providing the best driver-related information and services online, but also by investing our resources in safe driving and green transportation initiatives that have the capacity for real systemic impact. We are committed to creating safer roads, a healthier planet, and happier people.

Our vision is to empower people in their ITCA experience by putting them in control... and maybe even bringing them joy.

Driving abroad? No problem. Need an international driving permit? A piece of cake. No matter what you need or where you live, we can help you figure out what to do.

Our site makes your need easy, helping you accomplish such tasks as:

  • Finding relevant information you may need
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From Profit to Purpose

We are more than a website; more than your typical business. At e-itca.org, our deepest care involves turning our success into service—moving along a journey from profit to purpose and making a significant impact in our world.

What does that look like?


  • We commit to providing accurate, thorough information to the public free of charge.
  • We promote eco-friendly transportation initiatives that protect our world.
  • We make fair and equitable decisions with our business dealings and partner relationships.
  • We contribute our time and profits to organizations that are in line with our values of creating a safer, stronger people and planet.
  • We foster a healthy, fun, and rewarding work environment that enriches the lives of our team members.





ITCA is an international non-governmental association established to contribute into a comprehensive global standardization of the traffic regulations and policies. The road traffic roles and regulations vary from one country to another subject to the national laws. The need for driving abroad necessitated the establishment of one global coordination body with the main mandate to coordinate and standardize a framework to harmonize regulations and policies at the global level. ITCA seeks to work with relevant authorities and partners with private-sector companies in order to ensure a collaborative, inclusive, and effective approach to a global common understanding of the different traffic rules models.

What does ITCA do to achieve its mandate?

In collaboration with global policymakers, ITCA provides a platform for information sharing at the global level;

ITCA advocates for standardizing the global roads traffic regulations;

ITCA endeavors to act as a coordinating body among the national automobile associations all over the world;

ITCA has pioneered to start a global large-scale project of issuing one global standard international driving permit in full accordance with the UN conventions and policies in this regard;

ITCA contributes to combating fraud through providing traffic authorities and car rental companies with an online driving permits' validity check platform. The platform enables authorities and companies from all around the globe to access and verify the validity of an international driving permit.

 Mission   Vision   Where are we?

As a multilateral platform, ITCA facilitates greater economic integration and cooperation among its members and promotes sustainable development through:

  • policy dialogue,
  • negotiation of international legal instruments,
  • development of regulations and norms,
  • exchange and application of best practices as well as economic and technical expertise,
  • technical cooperation for countries with economies in transition.

ITCA contributes to enhancing the effectiveness of the regional implementation of outcomes of global United Nations Conferences and Summits. It gives focus to the United Nations global mandates in the traffic regulations standardization, in cooperation with other global players and key stakeholders, notably the global standard.

ITCA also sets out standards and conventions to facilitate international cooperation within and outside the region.

 Mission   Vision   Where are we?